Cedric & Wen Ting

Embarking on Cedric and Wen Ting’s pre-wedding shoot felt like stepping into a breezy adventure. Right from the start, they set the tone, opting for the comfort of traditional Qun Kua attire for their first look, followed by the ease of casual wear for the second.

As luck would have it, a sudden downpour decided to join our photo journey, but did we let it rain on our parade? Not a chance! Embracing the unexpected, we took an impromptu McDonald’s pitstop, refuelled, and pushed on with laughter and resilience, dancing under the light drizzle. These are the moments that stick, where raindrops become confetti and challenges turn into cherished memories. Cheers to Cedric and Wen Ting for reminding us that every shoot is an adventure worth savouring!

Photography by Jootz

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