Tim & Shu Yi

In a whirlwind of creativity, we embarked on a spontaneous photoshoot adventure with theatre artists, Tim and Shuyi. What made this collaboration truly remarkable was their unwavering enthusiasm to dive headfirst into the uncharted waters of our creative vision. Together, we aimed to explore an unconventional photography technique—one that merged the enchanting art of light painting with the mesmerizing allure of flash photography. The result? A collection of images that exuded a cinematic yet charmingly rustic ambience.

The journey to capture these unique shots wasn’t your typical snap-and-shoot affair. It required patience, meticulous planning, and an artistic eye to meticulously compose the intricate designs using light. The process may have been slower than our usual shoots, but the breathtaking outcomes were worth every moment invested. Our hearts swelled with pride as we watched Tim and Shuyi proudly display these mesmerizing photographs at their wedding, providing their cherished loved ones with a visual treat that perfectly encapsulated their love story.

For what went down on the wedding, we’ll let the video do the talking.

Photography – Jootz, @backalleycreations.sg
Venue – Chinatown

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