Joseph & Valerie

Meeting Joseph and Valerie was an absolute delight from the get-go. Our initial encounter at MacRitchie Reservoir during the pre-shoot session was filled with laughter, shared stories, and the palpable chemistry between them. It was evident that their journey together was not just about love, but also about companionship and mutual respect.

Fast forward to their wedding day, it was nothing short of magical. Despite the tight schedule and the hustle and bustle of the day, Joseph and Valerie ensured that every moment was filled with inclusivity. From the heartwarming military march-in to the infectious energy of the emcee, every detail was carefully orchestrated to make sure everyone felt like an integral part of the celebration.

One of the most memorable moments, however, was when Joseph and Valerie rode into their reception on ride-on toys, a charming and unexpected twist that perfectly encapsulated their fun-loving personalities. It was moments like these that made capturing their special day an absolute pleasure, and a reminder of the beauty that lies in embracing the unexpected. Joseph and Valerie’s wedding will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

⁠Photography by Jootz
White gown-
Shimmery gown- @thegownconnoisseur
Groom suit- @suitcommune
Hand bouquet and bridal car flowers- @thefuanflorist
Live band- @agopsg
Emcee- @emceehque

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