Shen & Esther

We kicked off the session in the morning with the sky adorned with a blanket of cloudy skies, but for Shen and Esther, it was a canvas for love waiting to be painted. As the sun played peekaboo with the clouds, we embarked on a captivating 3-hour engagement shoot that was nothing short of magical. Despite the weather’s initial uncertainty, we were blessed as it held up, allowing us to dive deep into celebrating their beautiful relationship.

From the very first click of the camera, it was evident that Shen and Esther share a love that radiates warmth and joy. Their chemistry was palpable, and their laughter echoed through the serene setting, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The changing light and backdrop of shifting clouds added an ethereal touch to every frame, making each photograph a timeless treasure.

What are the odds to even find your own name written on a random wall while walking around?

Photography – Jootz,
Venue – East Coast Park & Joo Chiat
MUA – @anastasia_autelier
Gown – @thegownconnoisseur
Bouquet – @windflowerflorist

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